Carrot juice

To prepare
40 min
To cook
40 min

Fresh carrot juice is healthy, delicious and is great to have with breakfast.


  • 500 grams of carrots
  • Half to 1 inch piece of fresh ginger
  • lemon juice as needed


1.Wash carrots under running water. Use a vegetable scrub or brush to clean them. Rinse well.

2.Soak them in a large pot filled with clean water for 30 mins.

3.If desired peel off the skin.

4.Wash and peel oranges. halve them

5.If making in mixer or blender, cube them to 1 inch pieces. Add them to blender jar along with other ingredients.

6.If making in juicer, then cut to desired sizes to suit your juicer chute.

7.Run the machine.

8.If making in mixer or blender, then pass through a strainer/ filter and collect the juice at the bottom.

9.Serve carrot orange juice fresh and immediately.



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